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Dr Gan provides a comprehensive management in a broad array of Ear, Nose and Throat as well as Head & Neck conditions. He has a special interest in treating various nose and sinus conditions including snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). His Otolaryngology (ENT) Specialty training was completed in Singapore. He went for his sub-specialty training in Nose & Sinuses (Rhinology & Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery) at St Paul’s Sinus Centre (affiliated to the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada), one of the top nose and sinus centers in the world.

Common Conditions That We Treat

Medisave Approved ENT Specialist Clinic

Certain surgical ENT procedures are claimable under Medisave, and the exact amount would depend on the complexity of the procedure. For other cases, please speak to our friendly clinic staff about using your insurance plan or Integrated Shield Plan.

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Dr Gan Eng Cern is a fellowship trained Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Surgeon.

  • It is important that you keep your nose and sinuses functioning and healthy. An unhealthy or problematic nose & sinuses can lead to other complications such as worsening of Asthma, snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

  • Whether it is loud rattling or mild snorting sound, snoring can be irritating for both snorers and bed partners. According to international studies, up to 40% of adults snore and this is a common experience for many in Singapore.

  • Unlike adults, children may not able be able to express some of their symptoms accurately. ENT conditions in children may include fever and irritability, difficulty in learning or delayed speech development and “frequent cold or flu”.

  • The human ear is more than just an organ for hearing. It is also an organ for balance. The ear has a complex system that feedback signals to the brain to allow us to keep our head and body in balance in different head positions and movements.

  • The throat is the area at the back of your mouth. Your throat includes the tonsils, upper part of the foodpipe (upper esophagus), windpipe (trachea) and the voice box (larynx). It has a common space where food and the air that we breathe in travels through.

  • The head & neck region is a complex area that houses important organs and structures, including the ear, nose and throat. Although there are overlaps with these structures, head & neck conditions usually refer to conditions that arise from the oral cavity, pharynx, salivary glands, thyroid glands, muscle, nerves, great vessels, skin and soft tissues in the neck.

When Should You See An ENT Specialist In Singapore?

  • Any Ear, Nose or Throat symptoms that you are troubled with or concerned of
  • Persistent blocked nose with mouth breathing or snoring

Dr Gan Eng Cern

Dr Gan Eng Cern is a fellowship trained Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) Surgeon. He completed his ENT training in Singapore and obtained his subspecialty training in Rhinology and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery at the world renowned St Paul’s Sinus Centre, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. He was also a Senior Clinical Lecturer at Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine at the National University of Singapore. Dr Gan was an avid researcher with numerous publications in reputable international ENT journals. He was also an invited speaker and surgical dissection teacher in many ENT conferences and courses.


  • 2020 – Reader’s Choice Gold Award for Best ENT Specialist
    (Expat Living Singapore)
  • 2016 – Best Educator Award (Eastern Health Alliance)
  • 2016 – “Wow” Award (Patient Compliment)
  • 2014 – Eastern Health Alliance Caring Award – Silver
  • 2014 – 19th Yahya Cohen Memorial Lectureship (awarded by the College
    of Surgeons, Academy of Medicine Singapore for best scientific surgical
  • 2012 – Human Manpower Development Award (Ministry of Health,
  • 2007 – Singhealth Best Doctor Award


  • MBBS - Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia)
  • MRCS (Edin) - Member of the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • MMed (ORL) - Master of Medicine in ENT (National University of Singapore)
  • FAMS - Fellow of the Academy of Medicine Singapore

Why Choose Dr Gan Eng Cern


Reliable & Reputable ENT Expert

Experienced and patient ENT Specialist who has your best interests at heart. We aim to provide you with accessible and specialized care for any ENT condition in a comfortable setting.


Friendly & Helpful Clinic Staff

Our friendly staff will assist you to the best of our ability and we are happy to accept most insurance providers and assist with E-filing with relevant insurance providers or Medisave.


Advanced ENT Equipment & Fully Equipped Facility

Our ENT Specialist, Dr Gan Eng Cern, will be able to diagnose and offer personalised treatments for your specific ENT condition. You can expect a high level of ENT care in a spacious setting with in-house minor surgical, endoscopy, allergy testing and microscopy services.


Financial Options

There are various financial options available for you to ensure that you are able to receive the most optimal treatment and care. Our ENT clinic staff will be able to assist you with your medical insurance claims and work with your chosen healthcare organization to minimize the hassle and paperwork required. In some cases, you may be able to utilise the funds in your Medisave account to defray part of the costs of your treatment. As our clinic is accredited by the Medisave board, we are able to process your claims from your Medisave for certain clinic procedures.

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